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1. Rana Plaza
5. Rana Plaza
2. Rana Plaza
3. Rana Plaza
4. Rana Plaza
The Rana Plaza Memorial

On April 24, 2013, an 8 story factory building collapsed in Dhaka, killing 1,139 garment workers and leaving 2,500 injured and traumatized survivors. To honour their memory, a travelling exhibition will consist of a small pile of rubble collected from the site, on the floor, lit from above.  Eleven chairs in a circle, each one representing 100 workers who died. On the inside of the backs of the chairs are text--quotes from survivors, information about what happened, and current conditions in the factories.  You are invited to sit in silence for as long as you wish, to honour the lives of those who died making our clothes.

The installation was shown at the Action F.A.S.T. launch May 4-5 in Toronto and at the Canadian Labour Congress Convention in June, 2017.


All photos by Mumit Mahbub

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