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Garment workers in Bangladesh make about $98 dollars a month, often don’t get paid for overtime, work in unsafe conditions – and sometimes are children.  Managers routinely swear at them, spit on them, hit them and deny bathroom breaks. Workers attempting to organize get beaten up, arrested, and lose their jobs.


Over 800 workers have died in factory fires, and 1,137 died in the Rana Plaza Factory collapse in April 2013.

Garment workers are proud of their work, and want to keep their jobs. They want us to keep buying the clothes they make.


If the sticker price were raised a mere 5%, these FAST conditions can be met. So the next cute $10 t-shirt you want will only cost $10.50. Please send the letter at


Click here to go to and send the letter to retailers. Offer to pay 5% more for your clothes if they agree to F.A.S.T.:  FAIR living wage, ADULT labour only, SAFE working conditions, no unpaid overTIME

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