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4. Petal making at Creative Paths retreat
1.Petal Making Dhaka
3. Petal making with U of T Scarborough students 2
2.Petal making with T.Lippson workers
Making Shaplas: Bangladesh, Canada

In 2014 Robin Pacific went to Dhaka with fellow artists Leah Houston and Clare Samuel. They made art by and about over 100 garment workers represented by Kalpona Akter of Bangladesh Center for Workers Solidarity and Alonzo Suson of Solidarity Center/Bangladesh. Leah facilitated petal making; Clare took about 70 photographs; and Robin held interpreted conversations with about 40 workers.


Back in Canada Robin continued to have petal making workshops with garment workers represented by Workers United Union, and other interested groups.


We constructed the “shaplas” based on the national flower of Bangladesh. Each has eight petals, four made by workers in Bangladesh and four made by Canadians.

Photos by Leah Houston and Robin Pacific

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