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Since 2013 there have been F.A.S.T. events with garment workers in Bangladesh and Canada. Brainstorming, fundraising and art making events have been part of the project in both countries.


Photos and voices of Bangladesh garment workers who participated in the project. Their stories in their words.

Meet the people behind the campaign

Who's F.A.S.T.?
Take Action FAST
was launched
May 4 – 5, 2017, Toronto
To Celebrate |And Honour | The People  Who Make Our Clothes

F.A.S.T. action at the Great Hall, Toronto, 1087 Queen Street West, Toronto

Over 250 people came for live music, art installations, food, fashion and launch of the letter to major retailers.  Add your voice to say you will pay 5% more for your clothes if retailers meet the F.A.S.T. conditions. Join us to take action!

Watch the 3 minute video:

Meet F.A.S.T

Meet garment workers from Bangladesh and Canada, hear and read their own words. Read about all the FAST events , and see the people who make F.A.S.T. possible.

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